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There is no doubt that this is a period filled with so much uncertainty and we are not sure how to feel, what to say, decisions to make on either you should cancel or postpone your event.

It is okay to feel sad, confused, heartbroken, etc. Well, as much pain as you feel, let’s look at the positive side of things.

As distressing as these times feel, it has been established that this lockdown can give you more time to bond with families, going through a time like this together makes you stronger, and gives you more time to enjoy the engaged phase.

If you finally decide to postpone your BIG day, here are tips on how to go about it;


Before you do anything you have to decide on what you really want to do; Cancel or Postpone. I strongly advise that you prioritize postponing your big day because it’s still going to be the best day of your life, whether you do it today or tomorrow the feeling won’t change. It is still going to be your big day


Before contacting your vendors, make sure you’ve analyzed the contract properly, review it and thoroughly check if there are ways all parties involved are protected.

Go through it with your planner. Read what it says about cancellation, refund and postponing. If they are not binding on cancellation or postponement then have your planner draft out a legal binding stating your intention to postpone and if they won’t be available for your date have them refer you to another vendor or a reasonable percentage should be refunded.


After analyzing your contact with your planner, have him/her contact all your vendors and purpose your intention. I bet they all want you to postpone and not cancel and they will still hold their own side of the bargain. If they are already booked for that date, have them refer you to someone else that is equally good and will achieve what you want for your day.
Otherwise, a refund should be done


There are some key people you have to work around their timing when deciding on a new date: e.g. Hall(venue availability), Decorator’s availability, Church’s availability.

It has to be a date you are comfortable with as well.


Send an E-card informing them of your decision to postpone your event.

If you’ve given out your invitation cards then you have to send another E-card stating your new date and how you will want them to be present at your event.
If you haven’t given out your invitation cards well you’re in luck, just have the date changed on the card.


Your initial date is definitely going to come and you will be filled with some rollercoaster emotion. In order to still make date memorable, you can simply dress up and have an indoor romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, play your favorite song and dance to it.

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